Hello, this is Naked Eye Virtual Reality technology, the NEVR. We are the Magic Power Source, it means the world empowered by magic source. We dedicate to revolutionaries our world and turn the virtual into reality by our magic power. It makes 3D image floating in the air and provides immersive environment in real world. It blends the virtual world and real world into one. Distance is no longer an obstacle. The sci-fi scene is coming true. For those who wants this happened, you are the backers, and one of us, the visionary. Now, all the visionaries in the universe, I am calling you, please come and join us, let’s make the joint efforts together to build our dream world and realize our dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Culture: Logic, Think, Question, Criticize, Innovation, Creation, Overturn, Extreme.

Wish: Make dream into reality.

Mission: Making joint efforts to provide a comfortable life, making people healthy, intelligent, happy and creative.

Management Philosophy: Increasing resource utilization, improving efficiency, economy and eco-friendly.